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Hawaii Five-0

Confession- I was a little too excited to see that Dog the Bounty Hunter is taller than Danno!  Hahaha.

Plan B

I've read that plan B can loose effectiveness if you take it multiple times. If this is true, how is it true? And, if so, how do progesterone only bcps not loose effectiveness? It doesn't make sense to me. If this is false, is it like a scare tactic? Or just common misconception? Tia.

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sooo ill

I've been so sick for the past few days.  And the sad part is that I'm sick with something little kids normally get, UGH.  I always get little kid diseases, ear infections, pink eye, whatever this is (its like strep but its a virus, boooo).  And so now I'm up at 5am to take meds and can't go back to sleep.

Other than being sick I am so happy :)  The boyfriend came to see me over Christmas, and it was wonderful.  He is such a sweetheart.  I was afraid that we wouldn't get along IRL since it has been years since we've actually seen each other, but it was fine.  It was a little awkward for an hour and then we got over it.  He got to meet my cousin, and her family.  That was interesting to say the least, but I learned a lot about him in the process.  I had no idea that he was still in Iraq when he started talking to me.  I also remembered how I used to beg rides of him, when it snowed.

I love that he is so not picky, or finiky, or whiney.  I am so used to dealing with unstable guys, this is such a relief.  He is just happy to do whatever.  I told him we were going on a 4 mile hike- 2 miles out and 2 back.  Really it was 12 miles in total, and he was fine with it.  Its so wonderful to have someone who is atheletic.  Makes me feel out of shape, and I am, but oh its so nice to not be dating a fat kid any more.  I know that sounds really bad but it was really hard on me to date someone who didn't ever want to go on a hike, or a bike ride, or even just for a meandering walk.

And also, this whole time I've been remembering his eye color as dark brown, but really they are hazel with a green that is darker and prettier than mine :)  So our babies will definantly have great eyes :D

Melodramatic and spastic

Its 'oh hell' week.  Last week of classes.  I cannot wait for this week to be over, I cannot deal with this much longer.  My brain needs a break.  Luckily this oh hell week will be least stressful of any one since all my papers are done and turned in.  I have one presentation, tomorrow, on cute fuzzy orange goofballs (aka orangutans) and then that's it until finals are over with.

I am still struggling with the boyfriend situation.  I don't know if I should trust him or if I should not, but he has been making an effort to make things work.  And everything is great, with out the cockroach/cougar in the equation.  I have 16 days until I have to pick him up at the air port.  So hopefuly nothing dramatic will happen between now and then. 

I am worried now because that doubt I now have is making me want to run away.  And I always run away.  But I am just going to wait and see, I would have to have wasted a year worth of time and effort, only to throw it away because of one thing that didn't really happen.  But then I also have to trust myself, and I just don't know what to do.  Waiting seems like a good plan for now.

This is stupid

but I have to rant.  I can't tell my friends about this because they will do the whole "I was right" thing when its not really like that.

Life would be so much less complicated without facebook ahhh.  I know I was wrong to stalk in the first place but I really was just going to my page to see a picture of him in his uniform and I see him in this old lady (well maybe like 30 but she looks old, tooo much sun damage shit)'s profile pic.  And he's kissing her on the cheek.  That made me almost irate because he's been in her profile pics before... I didn't tell him I was mad before it happened on a day that he was pissed about work and I didn't want to make that worse.  So I just asked him about it a week later and he goes "she's a friend and she likes me" and that's it.  So I forgot about it until this morning when I see the new one.

.And then I got over itCollapse )

Wonderful School Stuff

I don't know why I am so indecisive about school.  I have chosen my path and I need to stick with it.  The rest of thisemester, then two more full semesters and graduation.  I cannot wait for graduation. 

My plan was to continue on with school but right now I don't think I can stand it.  Also, I am having this regret that I should have just stuck it out with biology because right now I am missing working in the lab. I am missing alive people.  All these bones and pathologies and everything it really interesting but I feel like I'm starting to go crazy.  I keep looking at people's faces and imagining their skulls.  I wonder if it would be easy to tell their sex from their facial bones.  I have a manly jaw, btw. 

I am also starting to feel my clock ticking, and I hate it.  I don't know if its because of all these artifical hormones for the endo, or if I'm just getting old.  Me of this time last year was not wanting kids at all.  Ever.  But I did want to get married and have a wedding.  Now I'll skip the wedding and just ...reproduce.  Haha.  I don't know.  Maybe its because kids are off the table for a while until this endo thing is cleared up and I know if I can have them even or not.

Cool products

Products that have changed my life, literally.

The first real major life changing product which I found was She Laq, made by Benefit. You use this as a sealer over what ever makeup you like. I’ve got ‘heavy’ lids, so when my eyes are open the skin folds over itself. Like on ANTM where Tyra told Elina that her eye meat was hanging over her eyes (now I think that was gross, all tyra could think of was ‘meat’? What happened to lids? There’s not really meat there…just skin.). With pencil eye liner and some liquid liners I would get imprints on my upper lids. This bugged me to no end because all through out high school all the make up I wore was eyeliner. Then I found She Laq and haven’t had an imprint since!

The second product which changed my life is Certain Dry. It’s an antiperspirant you apply to your under arms at night. In the morning you apply your regular deodorant. I’ve suffered from wet pits since I can remember sweating. I even sweat when I’m cold. This is really gross but I can remember wearing tank tops, or loose shirts, and feeling the sweat roll down my sides. And I didn’t even have to be doing anything. Basically I was just a really sweaty person…but only in the pits. This Certain Dry stuff really, seriously, works. I can wear cute cotton shirts and not have to worry about pit stains anymore. I used to wear hoodies every single day, even in the summer, because they helped to hide the sweat (although I could sweat through them in no time).

The third product which has changed my life …is really three. I have an oily T Zone. This is rather annoying, let me tell you. However I’ve discovered several ways to remedy this situation. The first is Zapzit. I think any salysic asid cream meant for acne is going to reduce the secretions from your sebaceous glands, but this one works the best for me. I apply it to a clean face in the morning, before any serium or moistureizer and it will keep me oil free all day long. The second is Lorac Aqua Prime. This stuff is just as amazing…and its not meant for acne. However, the one downfall is the price…around thirty dollars.


I know some of you are old bolties...

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I would love if some other MAC or makeup addicts would join the site! I make posts about makeup and they generally go by unnoticed, or someone tells me that the colors are gaudy, too bright, too 80s…you know the deal :( I hope so see some of you lovely ladies and gents there!


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Makeup and new hair

All behind the cut

CC welcome!

Something wrong

This is so coming out of my ass, and I'm too lazy to get proof atm (rough draft kinda thing?)

Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night and had this thought: WTF is wrong with society?